You notice your child is not performing in school as well as his/her peers and you begin to think something is going on.  It is at this point that you, or an educator, might suggest an assessment be given.

My wife and I very much remember when this happened. We also remember all the questions we had.

  • What are these assessments all about?
  • What will it tell me?
  • Who gives them?
  • Will I be able to understand what is in the report?
  • Can I trust that it is being done properly?
  • Should I look for an outside opinion as well?

In today’s talk with educational psychologist Dr. Perry Passaro, we address all those questions and more. Listen in as we pull back some of the curtain behind what assessments are all about.

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Dr. Perry Passaro

Dr. Perry Passaro

Licensed Educational Psychologist, a Licensed Psychologist and a credentialed school psychologist. He earned his doctorate in Educational Psychology, with an emphasis in Measurement, Evaluation and Statistical Analysis from the University of Kentucky, in Lexington.  His dissertation studied the effects of perceptual errors on complex problem solving. He currently practices privately, in the areas of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (serving children, adolescents, families and adults) as well as in the area of psycho-educational assessment, in Newport Beach. Dr. Passaro has worked in public education for over 20 years, primarily as a school psychologist.  He has taught at the university level and has published numerous articles in professional journals related to education and psychology. He is a member of the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT), a Diplomate in Cognitive Therapy granted by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT) and EMDR certified.

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